About PST

PST is a leading provider of IT Implementation and Integration Services of End-to-End Solutions to fulfill the requirements of our clients. PST has in-depth business knowledge of different industries and local market specificities that are important to tailor solutions to fit the exact and specific needs of each client in order to help them achieve their objectives and improve their efficiency and effectiveness. We support organizations to develop their strategy and design the value creation plans and achieve their vision.


To energize our clients' business by providing customized and innovative end-to-end solutions with cutting edge technology and simultaneous building-up of human capital


To be the leading Provider of Business-IT Transformation Services in the MEA Region, to aid our clients in their business modernization endevours


  1. Passion

    Passion translates itself into the loving care with which we dispose our duties to others.

  2. Accountability

    Each of us takes ownership for success of the business. Our rewards are determined by our results.

  3. People Orientation

    We foster a climate of trust. We achieve our goals by working together.

  4. Excellence

    We will be satisfied with nothing less than being the best in everything we do.

CEO Message

I have always believed that humans are dignified by their ability to unlock the unknown and achieve miracles. PST is the eclectic mix of art, science and technology. PST was an idea which we nursed since inception with love and dedication. To us, PST is the ultimate act firm which reflects the image we want to be. It is science because we build it and manage it with well-thought plans, which lead us to the desired services and solutions. We believe in the power of technology where dreams are scientifically applied to real-life situations.
PST is fully dedicated to the promotion of innovative ideas which can best sense human needs and desires. We give customized and well-crafted solutions to each of our clients to excel in their businesses and reach their desired optimal positions. Technology is brain intensive. Integrated solutions and vanguard services can only be developed and implemented by skillful and dedicated human resources. Our motivation is to embrace the goal of capacity building so that we continue to distinguish ourselves at PST.
We want our clients to think of us as their soul and mind partners.
We achieve what we aspire for by their satisfaction and fulfillment.

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Applied Frameworks

PST applies best of breed frameworks in IT transformation projects to ensure a better convergence of the deployed technologies with client’s objectives.

Customer Satisfaction

Our Clients’ Success is our Success. It matters to us that our clients reap the benefits promised by our solutions. That is why we put a lot of thought and effort in aiding our clients in achieving their aspirations and vision.

Relevant Technology

PST utilizes and deploys technologies that best enable our clients to fulfill their needs and achieve their goals.


Grow your business smarter, faster and more reliable

Determine your organization’s long- and short-term financial goals

Align Business Users with Information Technology (IT)

Improve Customer Retention By Offering
Online Bill Pay Services



We take pride in our pragmatism that makes our approach to IT resilient and success driven.

Enterprise Architecture

We channel our determination and exercise our intellect with business technology by utilizing TOGAF Enterprise Architecture ADM (Architecture Development Method) rigorous disciplines to maximize the transformation value.


We are different through the diversity, professionalism, team spirit, accountability, and friendship that we foster within our company. It exposes our clients to a unique experience with us.

Multilingual Consultants

PST Consultants can work with you in your official business language which help us deliver on our promise to you.


You will always find the same standard and quality of PST Professionals in all the MENA countries that we operate in.

PST pragmatic approach to ERP systems implementation through the utilization of TOGAF EA Architecture Development Method (ADM) helps transform the concepts driving the value of the transformation into effective, robust and risk-free migration plan thanks to its inherent rigorous disciplines in planning and risk management.

PST pool of consultants is diverse with multilingual capabilities; Arabic, English, French and Kurdish.

PST extends the reach of its services to the Gulf and Levant regions to better enable and support their dispersed client base. For that purpose, PST has offices in Amman, Bagdad, Erbil, Riyadh, and Dubai.

  • Landmark Projects

    Oracle ERP, HCM & Hyperion

    The Government Financial Management Information System (GFMIS) represents a comprehensive integrated government financial management and accounting system that consolidates the financial and accounting information of the Jordanian central and independent government entities including ministries, government departments and regional financial centers through the connection with the Ministry of Finance in the Jordanian capital, Amman.

  • Landmark Projects

    IBM SOA Integration

    As part of the DNA Transformation Program adopted by Jordan Ahli Bank (JAB) to advance and modernize their business, JAB partnered with PST to build Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as a concept architecture model to integrate the Core Banking System with all the 3rd Party Applications in order to enable the providing of smart services through the different channels of the Bank. IBM WebSphere Message Broker, WebSphere MQ and WebSphere Application Server have been utilized to build the new SOA infrastructure for Jordan Ahli Bank (JAB).

  • Landmark Projects


    PST is a recommended Integration Business Partner with Madfoo3atCom to do the integration for Banks and Billers in Jordan to connect them to eFawateerCom Services owned by the Central Bank of Jordan and built, operated and administrated by Madfoo3atCom for ePayments to provide Electronic Bills Presentment and Payments nationwide.

    eFawateercom is an effective and efficient customer services on the domain of ePayment. It provides customers with convenient and secure payment channels available 24/7 via their bank’s ATM machines as well as other electronic banking channels such as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and IVR.

    PST had been selected by many Banks as well as Billers in diversity sectors (Government Entities, Utility, Associations, Retail, etc.) to connect and integrate them with the Central Bank of Jordan in order to enable them to benefit from the online payment services.